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Sterling_head-177x213Doctor of Naturopathy, MA, NES Certified Practitioner, QRA Certified, NAET Certified. N.O.W.A Practitioner.

Sterling Hart, a native of North Carolina, holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education and a Doctor of Naturopathy degree. She has worked in and studied natural health for the past 15 years. Dr. Hart offers services for the whole family with specialties in pediatrics and women’s health. Dr. Hart uses nutritional therapy, nutritional counseling, herbal therapies, classical and complex homeopathy, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, acupressure, stress reduction, NES Health ProVision (NES) and Quantum Reflex Analysis to restore the body’s harmony and balance. (336)  655-8971 shhart[at]

RandiHeadLMBT, NES Certified Trainer, CST. N.O.W.A Practitioner.

Teacher, practitioner and mentor, Randi Eaton incorporates creative, thoughtful and alternative perspectives into a process that inspires, enlightens and revitalizes body and spirit. Understanding the anatomy of illness and “dis-ease” from all levels, Randi recognizes that physical symptoms are simply indicators and that all sickness–physical, mental and emotional–emerges first from the unseen dynamic Human Body-Field. When flowing freely, its natural course unimpeded, this source energy expresses health and well-being throughout the body, mind and soul. Randi’s mission is to empower others to recognize, realize and experience the magnificence of this fundamental truth.

Trained and experienced in a variety of techniques, Randi has practiced and taught Energy and Body-work Medicine for over 20 years. She develops and teaches courses in the Therapeutic Massage Program for Forsyth Technical Community College; is co-founder of Rising Heart Education, a continuing education and certification organization; and is co-founder of the National Optimal Wellness Association (NOWA), a private member healthcare organization devoted to the privacy and protection of the alternative healthcare client and practitioner. As a certified trainer and speaker for NESHealth she developed and taught practitioners from health care fields both nationally and internationally. 

License and certifications include Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Craniosacral therapy, NESHealth, Reiki Master, Reconnection®, Acupressure, Psych-K®, Emotion Code, miHealth, Health Education and Intuitive Counseling.

Feeling Better Always Feels Better!

As a Bio-Energetic Therapist, Randi’s focus is in pain elimination and healing, chronic and acute stress reduction, energy revitalization and recovery from conditions related prolonged fatigue, clearing and re-balancing mental, physical and emotional blockages. She offers personalized care and customized protocols which align clients with the perfect platform for transformative success. 

Contact Randi:

Phone 336-416-8008 or email

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Naomi Baker.  Naomi has dedicated her practice to help alleviate the physical and emotional manifestations of stress. After 15 years as a personnel manager for a multi-million dollar company, Naomi turned her attentions to the Healing Arts. And as a practitioner of the Healing Arts, along with her previous work experiences, she has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional stresses encountered by many people.

Naomi is certified in a range of Massage and Bodywork modalities including Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage and Sacred Hawaiian Massage. She is also a Reiki II practitioner and trained in Dry Brush Exfoliation Massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Paraffin ThermoTherapy. Tailoring each therapy session to the specific needs of the individual, Naomi uses an array of massage techniques and intuitive touch. To learn more about the practice, please call 336.422.4559 or email: or visit


debby-jenningsDebby Jennings. Acupuncturist. Debby Jennings spent her entire career in the field of medicine. With a background in biomedical research, she lived in the world of tissue culture and biomaterial science, working in surgery to support cure for common ailments.  Years of repetitive motion and computer work caused chronic headaches and severe neck pain. No over-the-counter medicine could cure them and years of NSaids caused other more complicated problems.

She was ready to try anything.  In a single acupuncture treatment, she felt the biggest sense of relief since the pain began.  Her interest in medical alternatives began to change and she began to pursue integrative medical perspectives and healing with vibration and sound.  Later on, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine cured a serious eye condition she was told she would always live with. “I pursued acupuncture as a new career and found it rewarding and astonishing in the capacity to create healing in profound ways.”

Please give us a call at 336-413-2833 to talk about possible treatments that could benefit your health so that you can get back to living your life in the way you dream. We work with all types of illness and pain related symptoms. Chinese medicine is a totally comprehensive system, the oldest system of continually practiced medicine on the planet. Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, Acutonics (vibrational needle-free acupuncture) and medical Qigong are available.  No matter what you feel, allow us access to your pain so that together we can begin your journey to wellness.

Debby Jennings, L. Ac.
Graduate of the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Gainesville, FL
Chinese Medical Herbalist


Mitra Ishaya, originally from England, spent years in the corporate world as a color  and image consultant and key note speaker for businesses throughout Europe and the US.

An adventurer by nature Mitra has traveled the world exploring sacred sites, visiting temples and studying with a variety of teachers. She has accompanied many groups in the capacity of spiritual leader to remote regions of the world.

Mitra moved to North Carolina in 1998 to study a Himalayan meditation technique called the ‘Ishayas Ascension’. She planned to retire and become a recluse after her studies, or so she initially thought. Instead of retiring, she re-married and traveled the world teaching this meditation technique and counseling in local communities.

Mitra has completed training in many different healing techniques including Buddhist  color and sound, Reiki, AcuScen, Theragem and NES Health Systems . She teaches reduction of stress with meditative techniques.  She is a natural Intuitive and works with clients to better understand their choices and pathways in this life.


or CAll:(336) 712-4194

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