Here to Where AOL Retreat

hopwas-woods-55FROM HERE TO WHERE?

Creating Pathways to Your Best Life!

Discover your perfect truth, become fearlessly empowered and forever change your life. Now is your prime time!


Are you in LOVE with your life? Do you live fully in the present and look to the future with outrageous wonder?

Do you have personal relationships that are healthy and fulfilling? Is your professional life purposeful and financially rewarding? Is your body healthy and filled with boundless energy? Do you sleep soundly and awaken feeling replenished and revitalized?

Wait. What?

You can’t answer with a resounding “YES!” to all these questions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We ALL experience roadblocks in life, but sometimes those roadblocks seem permanently disabling and we feel like we’ll never get past them. Or maybe we get past them but just as we think the road ahead is clear another “road work ahead” sign pops up. We can’t always predict what obstacles lie ahead, but we can travel our road boldly (and even create new pathways) without living in worry, fear or inaction while confidently, gracefully moving with the flow of life!

From Here to Where is the perfect retreat for anyone who is ready to:

  • Cultivate new beliefs and habits that will eliminate sabotaging behaviors and increase self-worth.
  • Reveal and ignite your true passions.
  • Create a body free from potential disease while joyously living in the “flow”.

You’ll discover:

  • Techniques for uncovering subconscious “road blocks” and increasing self-awareness!
  • What your personal blue print is and how to use it to build your best life!
  • When, why and what you eat can reset new behaviors!
  • The best time of day to reprogram for permanent change!
  • Safely explore new experiences that are fresh, fun and fabulous!
  • A simple, systematic guided approach for deprogramming unwanted habits!
  • What sleep has to do with how you cultivate new beliefs!
  • The power of integrating humor into the process of change!

Are you ready to banish old patterns and shift the entire nervous system so you can feel reawakened and enlivened? Do you long to reconnect with your true self but are terrified of who you might find?  Are you in the midst of life’s transitions?  Who isn’t?  

You probably already know there is no magic pill for instantly conquering every bad habit or dissolving all of life’s ‘problems’. What you can expect is to get simple, practical tools to take the steps you must in order to create a life filled with unlimited joy, health, wealth and perfect self-expression!

Why not join us along with others who are ready for authentic, reliable change?

This retreat promises to be powerful but light hearted. Arouse your own inner knowing and reclaim your power so you can laugh more, experience greater energy, better sleep, awesome communications and deeper peace.  Who wouldn’t want that?!


Where: The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC

When: April 20-23, 2017

Cost: Listed on AOL website.
Retreat info and Registration link:

AOL website: “Click here” then click the “Register” link on the AOL page.

OR go directly to registration page:

AOL “Click here” From Here to There Registration and payment page.

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